Day 10 – Reconnect with someone


With everything that we have going on in life (work, relationships, gym, chores, family obligations, personal hobbies etc), it is easy to lose touch with good friends. Since my best friend got a full time job, and I started work at a new bar five nights a week, we have hardly seen each other. It’s seems really weird because at one point we were so inseparable that my mum and boyfriend learned to call her mobile if they couldn’t get on to mine first ring. We worked together, and we spent every other moment out of work doing things together. But these days I am lucky if I can squeeze in an hour or two for a “coffee date catch-up” once a week. I read an article online the other day which outlined ‘5 regrets people have on their deathbed’. Number 4 was, “I wish I kept in touch with my friends”. This week, I am making it my goal to make time for my old friends!

Here are 3 ways to make more time:

Set a date and don’t break it

When you make plans with friends, pick a date and time. That makes backing out harder. Don’t say, “I’ll call you,” because something inevitably comes up. Put it in your calendar (in your phone, your planner, or your diary). Block the time out and protect it.

Make it a regular thing

Having something that you do on a weekly or monthly basis makes it easier to ensure that you will always get to see your friends. Whether it’s a weekly saturday morning walk, or a thursday afternoon cafe date, by having a regular time-slot there is less chance of forgetting to plan a catch-up.

Find a common interest

If there is something that you and your friend have in common (and I am sure there is if you are friends), then making time to do something you both enjoy is a good way to stay in touch. Attend a regular gym class, read the same book, go to a monthly movie or go for a walk. There are lots of ways that you can combine something that you would normally do anyway with spending time with your friend!

I hope you have made a note to call a friend tomorrow. Even if you cant find a time that suits both of you straight away, even a phone call will keep you closer than nothing at all!



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