Day 8 – Wake up early to fit in exercise


It is a proven fact that exercise make us happier because it causes our bodies to release endorphins that enhance feelings of pleasure and self satisfaction. By including exercise in your morning regime, even if it is only a few days a week, I assure you that you will end the week feeling more energised and better about yourself. It turns out that by stressing the body during a workout, you can de-stress your mind. Starting tomorrow at 6am, I have enlisted myself into 6am workouts with Original Bootcamp – military style workouts in a group situation! Wish me luck!

If you have any other good ideas about morning workouts that are likely to get you out of bed and moving more, please feel free to share. I’ll keep you updated on how Boot Camp goes!

Reflection from 1st Bootcamp session:

Although the weather was not very alluring, my first boot camp session this morning was actually really fun. This is a photo of my street as I made my way to my car, cold and dark! I’m on the train on the way to work at the moment and I’m feeling very pleased with myself that it is only 8am and I have crossed off exercise from my daily to-do list! I am definitely feeling more energised and my arms already feel sore from the countless number of pushups and shoulder press’ I was forced into performing this morning. But, it’s a good feeling! I’m worried to think how they might feel tomorrow.


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