Day 1 – Shift your mindset

In order to make this year different to any other that preceded it, you have got to make conscious decisions each day to make it that way.

This means, replacing any negative thoughts you may have about yourself or your situation with positive ones. Today, write down the top 5 things you believe are inhibiting your sense of happiness and fulfilment. If you can think of more, don’t ignore them – write them all down. Then, turn these sentences into positive goals to focus on for this year. To maintain your focus, type them up, print them out, and stick them somewhere you are bound to see them on a daily basis. 


5 things inhibiting on my happiness:

1. Because I am time poor, I don’t spend enough time with my friends ]

2. I live pay check to pay check, always worrying about money

3. I am not 100% body confident

4. I am not working at my dream job

5. I have big ideas, but lack motivation to start anything

5 goals for 2013

1. To work less and make time to spend with friends each and every week

2. To take control of my money and save 10,000 by end of the year

3. To make exercise part on my daily routine

4. To secure a job working in the magazine industry by end of year

5. To start a personal blog, and keep at it for at least a year


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